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Brandon Valorisation has specialised in financial and economic valuation consultancy for innovation and companies since 1991. It supports its customers - start-ups, SMEs, ETIs, etc. - in their innovative projects and offers customised services:
- strategy consulting
- financial valuation studies of intangible assets (patents, trademarks, etc.) 
- valuation and sale of companies,
- industrial and financial backing,
- finding licensees,
- business diversification
- etc.

Associated with Brandon IP, CPI patent attorneys, the firm joined forces with Rezac Law (lawyers) to form the Brandon Rezac Group in 2023. This original strategy enables us to offer a wide range of expert services dedicated to supporting innovative companies in France and around the world.

Visit its website : www.brandon-valorisation.com




Brandon IP (formerly Blétry Frères) is a firm of intellectual property consultants, CPI, founded in 1866.
Brandon IP assists its clients in the protection, defence and management strategy and, with Brandon Valorisation, in the development of their intangible rights: patents, trademarks, software, etc. Brandon IP assists start-ups, SMEs and other companies, associations and research laboratories with their development strategies, in France and internationally, including patent filing, prior art searches, freedom to operate, contracts, litigation, licensing, development, intellectual property awareness/training, etc.

In association with Brandon Valorisation and Rezac Law (lawyers) within the Brandon Rezac Group, Brandon IP offers a comprehensive range of services dedicated to all those involved in innovation.

Visit the website : www.brandon-ip.com

and Brandon Rezac website : www.brandonrezac.com